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100% of patients received prior NSAI therapy1

Therapy AFINITOR + exemestane (n=485) Placebo + exemestane (n=239)
Received prior NSAI therapy 100% 100%
Sensitivity to prior endocrine therapy 84% 84%
Last treatment (NSAI) 74% 75%
Last treatment setting Adjuvant 21% 16%
Metastatic 79% 84%
Prior antiestrogen treatment Any antiestrogen 57% 59%
Tamoxifen 47% 49%
Fulvestrant 17% 16%
Prior chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer 26% 26%
≥3 prior therapies* 54% 53%
In the AFINITOR plus exemestane arm of BOLERO-2,
of patients were last treated in the adjuvant setting1
*Prior therapies included those used in the adjuvant setting or to treat advanced or metastatic disease.

aBC, advanced breast cancer; BOLERO-2, Breast Cancer Trials of Oral Everolimus-2; HR+, hormone receptor-positive; NSAI, nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor.
1. Yardley DA, Noguchi S, Pritchard KI, et al. Everolimus plus exemestane in postmenopausal patients with HR(+) breast cancer: BOLERO-2 final progression-free survival analysis. Adv Ther. 2013;30(10):870-884.
2. Baselga J, Campone M, Piccart M, et al. Everolimus in postmenopausal hormone-receptor-positive advanced breast cancer. N Engl J Med. 2012;366(6):520-529.